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What is going on here? Gig views graph shows something isn't right

So we have been paying attention to gig views and different graphs and we noticed a HUGE issue which we would LOVE to have an explanation for. As you can see in the graph we went through 11 days of having no activity what so ever! This is the same for each one of our gigs! Did fiver just turn us off or something? No activity what so ever,clicks, views, etc. It is the exact same graph line for each focus on each of our gigs! And what happened on the 21st that was so huge as we had the biggest spike in orders and views!!! Why are we not getting this kind of activity all the time. You can clearly see whatever was done was working and then the next day back down…This is in need of some serious explanation…fiverr team???

it is the same for each and every gig… would be interested if this happened to anyone else?

Yes, I have similar problem… Gig views become lower every day and now for all my four gigs I have 0-5 views in a day… I had few jumps as in your graph, but mainly almost 0 views. I don’t know what I do wrong because I have excellent rating and 50-60 positive reviews :frowning: and almost no orders on Jan and Feb . It seems like fiverr have changed some rules at the search