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What is going on with fiverr? dropped sales randomly


I was getting an average of 5 sales a day all of my gigs are optimized really well and have good reviews and I haven’t made any major changes and all the sudden starting yesterday my sales stopped completely randomly, what is going on? Has anyone else had this happen to them? I haven’t made one sale in the last 2 days which is not normal for me I usually get plenty of sales


After Fiverr 3.0 release my sales dropped from 4-8 order per day to 0-1 orders per day.


But I was doing well until 2 days ago that’s after the release why is this happening?


The Same thing happened to me I usually get 4-5 orders per day and now I get 1-2. I am not sure why this is happening because Like you I have optimized my gigs each week to help with sales. seem like you put in the hard work an not much happens.


Same here, sales have plumited, it’s official guys, fiverr is dieing…


I have to agree, I do graphics and I get like 5 sales in a month at max and no not 5 a day 5 a month.


You’re experiencing gig rotation, I think. Happens to everyone. They often rotate the search results so each of the 2 million gigs have the chance to shine. Well, at least those that have a decent rating.

If gigs are unique, have videos and offer a better or a cheaper deal than other gigs, the drops in sales won’t last long usually, and will also get more sales when it’s your gig’s turn to have exposure.

Days of the week also impact sales from my experience. Usually I get less sales during weekends, but not always.


Well, I’m really new to Fiverr and I’m hoping to gain some sort of exposure (not trying to take from anyone here) but I would love a tip or two on how to optimize my gig to somehow get into rotation…any advice for a newbie?


Reply to @puresavvy: Yes, use the forum search box in the upper right hand corner. Type in ‘how to optimize my gigs’ or whatever other topic you want. There are hundreds of excellent posts already written by experienced sellers willing to share.


Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you so much, I will look into that right now. I appreciate your response!