What is going on with fiverr today?


What is going on with fiverr today???

First tried to withdraw to Paypal. Sure the email says the $ will be in your Paypal account within 2-3 days, but usually it’s instant. Still nothing.

Secondly got this message “Messaging disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue.” I can’t contact any clients until fiverr sort it. I’ve not sent any spam messages or inappropriate messages so what the?

Oh I did tell a couple of people to go away - one who asked me to do a 60 minute transcription for $15 dollars with 24 hour delivery (!!) and another spammer wanting to sell their wares, but that’s it. First one said “good way to make your competitors rich.” Um yes, they will get rich working for that price for sure.

Yes, I’ve contacted support but gees after the site being down for a good portion of the day last week, it’s kind of like what, really?


And I just got this reply? Seriously WTF??? My messaging ability has now been restored, not that the rep who responded told me this. I’ve done NOTHING wrong. I could understand if I’d told people to F*** off, telling them to go away is a little different. But now I’ll just answer with no I guess, which keeps my response rate up???

Hello Alys,

Thanks for your message.

Several of your messages were reported as inappropriate by other users.

If you agree to refrain from sending any messages that may come across as inappropriate, unprofessional, or spam, we can look in to restoring your messaging ability.


They won’t even tell me what I’ve done. I’ve done business the same way since I’ve been on fiverr and not changed anything - what the???

Milo (Fiverr Customer Support)
Jun 8, 12:12 AM EDT

Unfortunately we will not be able to disclose of this.

Not to worry at all, however kindly comply to our TOS and you will not have to face this issue again.

Best of luck!


update from fiverr…WTF??? I don’t even recall using the word Paypal??? And does this mean I can continue to tell idiots to “go away?”

Kindly check our Suspicious Messages article.

Kindly refrain form using terms such as Pay Pal, though we also found it necessary so kindly feel free to contact us the minute the issue occurs.

Hope this clears things up.


I’ve never run into this issue and I’ve been here a long time. I am super polite all the time or I just say “no sorry” to requests like the one you mentioned. It saves a lot of trouble such as you had.


If the chat box turns red while typing, you need to rephrase your message. Fiverr has an automatic spam filter in place that flags words deemed “risky”. For example, pay, PayPal, email, and money all trigger this filter.


I have it turn red all the time and have not had any problems.


Well, I told a spammer to go and get syphilis the other day so that’s me screwed. Thank’s for sharing this OP, I will have to make a mental note not to reply to spam as mischievously in future.


All “hello.” spam gets an auto “is it me you’re looking for?”

The rest get canned messages. If I’m feeling feisty, I might get personal, but in general, I stick to the safety of the CANSPAMback.Sometimes I send ridiculously large orders and express disappointment at a bored, inappropriate later date about their unprofessional lack of response.

Syphilis is a new one… I was going to make a gonn… gon… that STD joke, but I can’t spell it.


On that bombshell, Americans can’t spell diarrhea right.


Stick to Durchfall :slight_smile: