What is going on with moderation?


I’ve twice now tried to post a website hosting service, all perfectly above board and a great offer but both times the gig has been disallowed.

The latest reasons are that the duration of the gig is over 30 days AND that it is promoting an external website or service.

This really is a genuine offer, no catches and no cons. There are many MANY other similar gigs out there - I did check before deciding to post my offering.

Why would my gig be zapped and others, offering exactly the same thing, left to trade?

It seems erratic and a little odd to me.

Can any one help here?


Thank you for your post and we appreciate your concerns. Ultimately Fiverr makes the decisions about what gigs are allowed and what gigs are not allowed.

If they are telling you WHY the gigs are denied that I would take that advise and tweek your gig so they aren’t over 30 days and do not violate Fiverrs TOS. If you still have issues please feel free to bring your concerns back to the Customer Support table and ask them how you can tweek your gig(s) so they are compliant with Fiverr’s policies. Good luck


Thank you - yes reasons are given but I see other gigs out there identical to mine so whilst I understand the reasons, I feel a little disgruntled about being “singled out”.

If the gig wasn’t above board and was some kind of attempt at flouting the rules or ripping buyers off of course I would not be feeling so injured by this!


Did your gig include the web address in the content or on the image? If so, that could be one of the problems.


I can tell you right off the bat hosting services are not permitted. Been there done that.


“It seems erratic and a little odd to me.” Fiverr™ in a nutshell.

Keep on Customer Service and get definite answers on what you CAN do.

And don’t feel bad - everyone get’s singled-out here, it’s just a matter of when. :slight_smile: