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What is going on with people asking for articles? Spammers?

So yeah. In last few days I am getting alot of messages about people needing articles. Are they spammers? I see they are adding some websites (I dont click on them, just saying).

It started few days ago and now it is kinda annoying. I dont have any article gigs, I am not a writter. I guess they are just spamming or something even worse. I have no idea.

I’ve been getting those too.

Those links are to websites similar to fiverr. It’s probably some not-safe knockoff that they will use to steal your money. I reported the person, as you’re not supposed to deal outside of fiverr. Fiverr is the safest and most trusted, that’s why scam sites try and use its image to fool people.

I reported them too, but it is annoying. I dont have time to deal with “people” like that. People just cant work for money, they just want to get it easy way, with stealing.

I get them too and just ignore it.

I am an article writer and I get them too. I report them and move on to serious buyers.

I dont see a point of them doing that. If they want to earn money or something, they could just work, like we all do.

I just hope that nobody gets tricked by that kind of people.