What is going on with sales on Fiverr?


My gigs don’t dell again. Not even 1 sale in a week! I can’t seem to understand why I don’t get any sales again. I used to get at least one sale per day previously but for the past 3 months, no sales at all? I’m I the only one experiencing this? I can’t seem to understand what is happening.


While I am a newbie (just reached level 1 today!) I have seen many posts stating that there are ups and downs. I hope you get something soon! The good thing is you are Level 2 and have a good rating so if someone is looking for your type of gig you are a good candidate!


I registered on 20th of February. I received new orders for 2 weeks, but my 3rd week is bad. I didn’t receive any orders, after Fiverr was updated their site. I also started experiencing bugs. I don’t know what happened. Some other people also was writing about this issue. After Fiverr updated their site a lot of the sellers experienced decrease in sales… And I mean sellers with all levels!!! :-??