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What is going on with the referral?

Hello, I referred a friend of mine on Fiverr but I did not receive $100 like what the site said.
I referred my friend 2 weeks ago, they made their profile and made an order.
I only received $5.
Is there some kind of error?

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You don’t get 100$ from your friend’s order, you get 20% of your friend’s first order amount, up to 100$.
You’d get 100$ if your friend’s first order was 500$ large. If you get 5$, that means he made about 25$.


My friend didn’t make gig, they bought one on the site.
They payed $5 for a YouTube banner.
I got rewarded $5 instead of $100 like the site says.

How it works is explained here:

Scroll down for the “Read Terms”.

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Then, in case they bought a gig:

BTW it never said you’ll 100% get a hudred dollars in any case. It’s always said up to.

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