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What is going on with this order ? Hacked ? Does not make any sense ! Help please


I am very shocked and confused.
Here is what happened.
I selled an english to french translation website gig to a buyer named ****
Everything ran smoothly and just fine to the delivery.
The deal was closed. The buyer was 100% satisfied. I have been rated by her. All was fine. I got paid on Fiverr (not on my account yet).
The order was made on June 2 and was completed on June 6!
Check the screenshot:

But yesterday I received 2 emails from Fiverr:

" Hi paul2411,

Unfortunately, ******** has cancelled your [order FO**********] “Translate your wordpress website in french,” since you missed your delivery due date of Jun 09, 2019.*

Just as a reminder, late deliveries can negatively impact your rating on Fiverr. If needed, you may always adjust the Gig delivery time by editing your Gig, so you can meet the due date for future orders.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact our team.

The Fiverr Team"

2nd email

Important information about a recent dispute

"Hi paul2411,

Your order with ****** was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.

The funds from this order were automatically returned to the buyer.

The Fiverr Team"


So I immediatly check on my account to find out what was going on…and yeah I got an order that I delivered labelled as cancelled…But I got also all the record of the order process with the conversation(on the attached screenshot) which confirm that I delivered the order and that the buyer was satisfied. My ratings confirm also that.

But look what my manage sales looks like

Earnings page :

So as you can see, the funds are still here (pending for clearence) but apparently they have been canceled once also (-80$) .

Now I am totally confused…It was my first order as a seller on Fiverr.
I am wondering wether I am gonna be paid or not ? Why this order is canceled while the buyer confirmed and was 100% satisfied with my work ? Is it a bug ? Is she a hacker ?
I am not able to reach the buyer anymore. I don’t know if her account disappeared or if she blocked me. I don’t even know if she is the cause of this.

Can somebody help me please ? Fiverr HELP !

Thank you very much (sorry for my english)


Mod Note Identifying details have been removed from the post

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Hi Paul, it is certainly very frustrating when things like this happen, but it is important not to “name and shame” and put details on the buyer you are having a dispute with on the forum. Please feel free to remove personal information from your screenshots and replace them if you like.

It does appear from your earnings screenshot that you have two orders - one of which has been cancelled and one of which is pending. Did you have two orders with this buyer? Do you have any orders in your completed tab? Perhaps the customer ordered a second order by mistake?

Sometimes, you can unfortunately be stung by a credit card chargeback, which may have happened in this circumstance. Perhaps check back in with customer service again to clarify what is happening? We are just fellow sellers (and buyers) on the forum - not fiverr staff.


It seems like she did a charge back with her paypal account. Contact customer service provide all screen shots (her review and rating, her words about being satisfied…etc.)
And they might help you, but you have to be patient.


Thank you for your feedbacks.
I hope Fiverr does some investigation before refunding people on a simple request.
I try to contact this buyer but in my message this shows up :

Fiverr| Only visible to you

***** can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.

Can she block me ? Or Fiverr has definatly banned her… ? I am a little bit surprise because she has a lot of great reviews…I am confused.

I contacted Fiverr support but I could not find a category to send my message.Do you know about a specific form or link to commit this kind of request ?

Thank you

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It’s most probably Fiverr banned her automatically if she did a chargeback.

Submit a ticket with the order number without the hashtag.

Select order issues, general inquiry.

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Thank you for this information. this is really helpful. I hope it will work.

Strange …because she is a top buyer…


Hello Paul, extremely sorry regarding your bad experience. The seller isn’t a hacker but a scammer. He paid for your service, took the delivery and then charged back resulting in Fiverr to cancel the order and take back the amount from your account.

Again there is no remedy for this, Have been working here since 2014 and had more than 20+ such cases of charge backs where order was delivered and then cancelled by Fiverr customer support because the buyer charged back the amount paid.

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Buyers who charge back are automatically banned.

I don’t think it’s worth contacting Fiverr support because it’s obvious that the buyer charged back and the amount was taken back. Something Fiverr support can’t do much about.

What do you mean ???

Fiverr will take back the money I have earned with a work I provided ?

That does not make any sense. Fiverr should be reponsible for that and not allow charge back or payment with Paypal if they can’t guarantee that a ordered completed is 100% due and paid. We are not slaves who want work for free ?
I hope you are wrong and that my case is different. Because I have also already experience scammer. But their profil and approach are really different. This buyer is a top buyer from France. (Not a a new buyer from china if you know what I mean)

I know the company for which this buyer made me work. I mean I got their website and name. And also I shared my work on Google sheet so I can see their developper working on the sheets I provided them.


No Paul, it will only take back the amount for the order which was cancelled by customer support and charged backed by the buyer.

if that’s the case you should go further and contact Fiverr customer support, chose any relative topics to start your query. It could be the buyer’s payment got issues.

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Wrong. I have gotten my FULL amount from Fiverr in such cases.
@paul2411 Contact Fiverr CS and they might help you out if you proved your case.


Mmmmh yeah let see what Fiverr has to say about that…
Thans kyou for your help guys, much appreciated. :+1:

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If the buyer had some payment issues and the payment done got cancelled then I believe the Fiverr Customer Support surely can help as the order was completed and rated.

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@paul2411, to see if your buyer was banned search for her’s username

Replace “buyer’s username” with your buyer’s username

If your buyer was banned, the page will say something like this account is no longer available


I have done that. It brings me back to my own profil page. No message. Yes I think this account doe not exist anymore.


Open a private browser (without logging in) and do the same, this is how I do it to know if I was blocked.


The user account you are looking for is no longer available.

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So, they 99% did a chargeback and got auto banned!


Ok but I got all evidences so I am confident enough to get my money back .


That’s the spirit. but be patient. it takes a long time for fiverr team to get back to you (I guess they contact paypal or whatever).