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What is going on with video and audio transcription gig?


I joined Fiverr about 6 weeks ago and I reached level one in 30 days (Yay!).
I think I achieved the feat because I had a lot of services I could render and I had 7 max gigs then. This gave me access to a lot of buyer’s request and my conversion rate was decent.
Suddenly, everything came crashing. One of my favorite gigs; transcription, has experienced a severe slump. The last time a buyer posted a request was November 27, before that, it was November 23. I sleep and wake up checking Fiverr so I don’t think I miss out on the offers.
Also, I have completed a couple of orders there and I had stellar reviews all through. I wonder why I am not getting ranked at all.
My gig can be found here
I just realized how long my rant is. Thanks for reading till the end.
I hope someone who went through my similar ordeal will share useful tips.

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