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What is going on?

Since my stay at Fiverr, I’ve encountered several strange incidents. I wanted to know what’s the deal with all these?

For instance, earlier, someone contacted me through my inbox saying:

“hit me up at {her email id} . I am {Her Name} A lady from USA i have business to discuss with you am not always online here i wait for your email to my email box”

I didn’t reply as I was new here. AS expected, she got banned.

Next followed a series of similar messages. Then I was contacted by someone out of nowhere, with a real cheesy name. This is what she wrote:

" need video illustration.
Kindly provide your samples.

I do not do video illustrations as of yet. Only graphics designing. Weird.
So I checked out her profile. It was full of gigs with zero reviews. The prices for her gigs were entirely unrealistic. I mean even you would consider $500 for a 500 word content writing crazy, won’t you? This one, I flagged, suspecting something fishy was going on.

Then again I received another one which said
"My boss will contact you. Please provide your email Id"
I responded saying it was against Fiverr terms and conditions. This time, MY MESSAGE WAS FLAGGED. I mean, seriously?

All this chaos has made me hungry, so I’m going to go eat. Like, a LOT. Meanwhile, please tell me what’s going on? Am I the one going bonkers?

Yeah, it’s very disappointing to get frequent such types of fraud text from the deceptive persons. I got such text two weeks ago and directly reported the user. As expected, the user was banned. Since then, I have not faced the situation like you said. But it doesn’t make sense of mine why your message was flagged :expressionless:

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If you didn’t respond with any information of yours, you’ll be fine.

The System sometimes flags for review by Trust & Safety team certain messages with keywords that are found suspicious by the CS.

Happened to me once. After the review, if Trust & Safety team finds you didn’t do anything against the ToS, you’ll be fine.

Can’t say the same for the ToS breacher though.

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Yeah that occured to me as well. What I wrote was : “I’m sorry I’m not allowed to contact you anywhere outside of Fiverr. If you want to order something from me, this is were we do it.”

And then it got flagged by the Trust & Safety team. Maybe it was the keywords.

It was probably the “outside of Fiverr” part that triggered the system to flag the message. I used that phrase before in a message that was completely fine and it got flagged, but nothing happened because I did nothing wrong. As soon as a human being reads your message, they’ll see you didn’t break the rules. Context matters :smiley:


That it does! :smiley: I’ve seen it come to effect in my case. :smiley: God I wish these strange texts stop coming!

It would be for the best, to reply something to them just a few sentences so your response rate won’t drop and then report them afterwards.

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Exactly, you can’t stop those messages from coming, but you don’t have to let them harm your account.


It keeps on coming and coming. Oh the pain! :’(
At first it was a bit hard to distinguish the fake ones from the genuine ones. I guess that’s one game I’ve mastered hopefully.