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What is going wrong with my gig?


What is wrong with my gig ? Why I am not getting any orders ?


Most sellers don’t “get orders” because they are not reaching out to their target customers. What are you doing to market and promote your services to the people that need them?


Just on Fiverr. I don’t use Facebook. Also I try to hit 10 requests. I had paused my gig for 6 months. Just activated 2 weeks ago. Is this the reason of not getting impressions ? (Earlier had impressions in thousands,now only 10 or 20s a day :frowning: )


If your gig was paused, the yes, that would be why you weren’t gaining any impressions.


How much time it would take ? Any idea ? Do you have any similar experience from the past ?


How much time would what take?


I mean how much time will it take to reach impressions to thousands again .


No one can provide an answer to this, because there is no single answer. It will take as long as it takes. Don’t try to rush success, because those that do, usually end up failing instead. Be patient. Take your time to build your business the right way. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You’re not going to get rich quickly. That’s just not how this site works.