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What is happening here


I’m really confused about my GIG title. Targeting some keyword in the title is not working in my case, while others are using the same attribute and it is working in their case. My Gig is about ‘Google my business service’. I tried earlier to combine a Gig title with the exact match keyword (Google my business) but it seemed prohibited here. But later I find out sellers are using the same title attribute (Google My Business) and they are permitted. Please check out following links from some sellers.

I Will Do Top Local Citations, Google My BusinessI Will Make A Google My Business Page

My intention is not to make any objection about these sellers. I just want to learn, What I’m missing here. Can you provide me any link where I can learn more about it?


Seems no body has any answer.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry, maybe they’re in the same boat as me, and don’t understand the question? Which bit of the gig title specifically are you having problems with please?


I want to put Google my business in my gig title like the referred member.


Do you have any answer now?


try to use this, i will create a Google my Bussiness page for you


I’ve just tried to create a page with the title I will ‘make A Google My Business Page’ and it worked with no problems.

You’re not trying to add punctuation in the title are you - it could be that!


Is there any guideline? can you refer me any article about Title…


No, it works first time and after a couple of days, my gig denied.


So the problem may not be the gig title, it may be something else in your listing, or indeed the service you’re offering.

Perhaps you need to ask Customer services for more info, as it’s they who’ve denied your gig.


How can I reach them?


Here you go -


Thanks a lot…appreciated.


Sorry, there is no guideline about the title.


Is there any experienced user here who can tell me more about it?


Has CS told you that your gig’s been denied because of the title?

You need to ask CS why it’s been denied - it may be nothing to do with the title at all. You’ve got the link to CS to post a ticket.


ok let me try, thanks again.:slight_smile:


What you wrote on your gig description? Most of time gig get denied because of the presentation of the gig. If you read the Tos, you will see guidelines which explain how you can open a gig.


Appreciated, thanks for your reply…I’m trying to figure out. I never copied anything from anywhere.