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What is happening here?

Hi !This website is an extensive piracy. 40% of graphics are stolen from Graphicriver. I do not know how, you have tolerated it but it is not right. I sent a notice to DMCA and Envato support team! Thank you for understanding !.

Wow, let me check the Graphicriver first

Wow lets take a step back here. I thought you can purchase a license from Envato which allows you to use it. Or am I wrong?

Their stuff is very protected so I don’t see how people would be able to steal it since they are using watermarks.

For example, I will buy some graphics from GR and sell it here, how it is not piracy? Please read Envato Market Content Policy


I can’t really make a statement on behalf of Envato since I don’t know what licenses they’ve sold and videos aren’t my area of expertise. You have made a sweeping statement and @annai80 has a valid point as well, but I don’t know the answer. I also can’t speak for Fiverr staff since forum moderators are just volunteers who mainly sweep up spam and try to help with basics.

What I can say is that if you find things on Fiverr that are being sold illegally or violate copyright, you are doing exactly the right thing by notifying the copyright owners. What you need to remember, though, is that Fiverr is a platform but individual sellers are responsible for their own content. So, I would encourage you to make your complaints to copyright holders based on each individual seller that you find non-compliant.

While it is also fine to mention Fiverr and anyone can pursue that legally, Fiverr itself does not sell the content and is a global company, so you are likely to have more effect on violations by trying to have problem sellers removed. None of the honest sellers here want their own sales to be affected by dishonesty, but most of us have our hands full filling our own orders. Fiverr does suggest that buyers do their research and check gigs carefully before choosing who to purchase from. Like on all the freelance platforms, you can find good and bad, so take care and if you are in doubt about a gig report it to Customer Support here, anyone else you think should know, and don’t buy it.

I see what you are saying. @fonthaunt made some good points.