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What is happening to Fiverr? My rank is dropped to nowhere



This is my case:

I’m a senior member on Fiverr.
I tried my best to build my rank by giving my clients the best quality services I have.
Finally, my gigs are on the 4th-5th position in the Recommended section or in the top 10 positions with some keywords like “business card design” or “infographic design” on Fiverr.

Sounds good? :v:

Can you imagine this situation?

My gig about infographic design was on the 6th position
After 1 night - YES, after only 1 night:
My gig about infographic design is on the…page 37/39 :rofl:
(there are totally 39 pages in the Recommended section of infographic design)

My gig about business card design was on the 5th position
After 1 night - YES, after only 1 night:
My gig about business card design is on…nowhere (I still don’t find it until now).
I tried to search manually every gig until page 40 and I didn’t see it! :rofl:

The funny thing is:
When I search my infographic service from page 20 to page 35, I see A LOT OF services which don’t have a single review, some services are just created by sellers who have just joined in Fiverr this month, but they all are above many services with hundreds of 5-star reviews of senior members (I’m just one of them).

I know Fiverr always changes the searching algorithm every day, but I still want to ask:

Hey, Fiverr!
What’s is going on with you? :sweat_smile:
Is it fair to all senior sellers like me?


Yeah there are so many factors in that algorithm.

I’m not sure this indicates the algorithm changes every day, though. For example, the algorithm may be set up so that periodically established/popular gigs make way for newer ones, especially if there is a huge influx of new gigs.

In that case, that wouldn’t be a change in the algorithm, but a setting to alter a buyer’s position in it under certain conditions/times. In this case, it doesn’t matter how many orders you’ve filled or how many five-star reviews you have or what Level you are. All of these things are just some of the many factors of an algorithm. The above comments assume that the algorithm is wholly dependent on your success here and we have no reason to think that is the case.

I know it seems counter-intuitive that successful gigs would rank lower in category pages, but remember that Fiverr is trying to attract new sellers and expand the scope of their offerings. They would be much less likely to achieve that if new sellers were assured of having no exposure at all. There’d be little incentive for them to start. It would be SO discouraging to have no shot at getting higher.


I don’t think being a senior matters something to the search algorithm here.

To be honest, I don’t think being a senior matters to Fiverr in any kind of way. Considering you can lose your ranking and level over night, I think the only one whom we can count on here is ourselves. :slight_smile:


Good evening!
It happened on January 21st with my gigs, and (at least in my case) it’s connected with “Out of office” mode and cancellation of two big orders.
Try to think about the possible reason (late delivery and cancelation became extremely important on this platform lately).
It happened in the past too, so your position will definitely change in a while (however, it’s really impossible to say when exactly).
Try to access your category directly without using search, and I’m 100% sure that you will see your gigs on their previous positions.


The fact that most of Fiverr’s community members keep a sense of humor over how helpless they feel… helps me deal with my own personal Fiverr problems… :slight_smile:


I think Fiverr wants to have as many respected and reviewed sellers as possible to make the platform seem more professional. This is why you see them push new sellers to help them get their foot in the door.