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What is happening to my gig? I am losing progress

Back in November, I joined Fiverr, within the first couple of days I was getting a couple of hundred impressions and lots of views and likes.

I made sure to change the tags and the gallery every 2 days and kept what seemed to work each time. Now I am getting much fewer views impressions etc.

The only 2 orders I have received are from friends, I have a 5-star rating

Why is my progress going down, am I doing something wrong?

Dear @aidendickie i can suggest Change Your Discription and optimize with good keywords…and keep doing request buyer…i guess it will worked and do not try anything wrong…beacause success comes slow…(just Suggestion!Dont Mind)
Best of Luck

Thankyou for your advice @royahmed, what is request buyer?

@aidendickie i Mean try Buyer Request Option…

I would agree with @royahmed
Optimizing your description and keywords will be a good idea, but I would also optimize tags in your gig itself. You currently have 3 tags that just include one word that isn’t really that useful or searched all that often. You could instead add something along the lines of the top 3 search results Fiverr recommends when you search the word “logo”.

But, I would also say not to worry too much about it. There may not be as many buyers on the platform at the moment as it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Thankyou for the advice, @alison_writes, its very helpful. when you said “add something along the lines of the top 3 search results Fiverr recommends”, did you mean use the same tags thy have of the titles or something else as the tag?

I’ll use graphics to clarify.

Using the search bar in Fiverr you can see which keywords Fiverr recommends, these are the keywords most buyers will search. In this case I used “logo” since you’re creating logos.

These recommendations (the ones I’ve pointed to) would work as great tags in your gig. Especially the one word tags that aren’t really useful. As you can see I pointed to the ones I’d change below.


thank you for your advice, it’s been very helpful, I will try that now.