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What is happening to my gig?


In the past week, I have completed about 150 orders. (most of these were for 8+ gigs at a time). I have seen myself plummet in the search for ‘highest rated’ from a peak of about number 5 to the second page. I have received one negative feedback in that time (due to late delivery). The guy should be getting it removed though as he said "do it by the 30th’ or something and he cancelled today. I have lost over 200 likes in a week, which sucks. I have had about 7 orders in that time. (just a month ago I received well in excess of that a day). I have no idea what has gone wrong to be honest.

Now, here is the weird thing. I have mentioned this before. I have spoken to some of the other ‘highest rated’ sellers in my category. None of them are completing anywhere near as much as me and yet they are are incredibly high in the search. I find it a little unfair to be honest. I mean, I will push on trying to get myself moved up. (been on that first page for over a year now) but everything I do seems to push me down further…its confusing! The likes disappearing isn’t helping either.

Secondly, there was an odd glitch on my gig. I unpaused it after a couple of days (moving to Sweden) and it reset the time limit from 20 days delivery to 7. I mention this in tickets I send to customer support (whilst talking about other things) and they don’t even pick up on it. In fact, they completely ignore it, which sucks.


Reply to @vedmak: I had read it in other threads that you will lose your feedback…


Found out the answer! A lot of inactive accounts were removed, which meant that a lot of likes were removed from everybody over the past few days :slight_smile:

Also, Customer Service = Excellent now :smiley: fresh start with negative feedback, almost! Well, I kept the one where I actually done something wrong in my delivery and forgot about it. The others where I tried to get in touch with the customer to sort things out have now gone! So back down to 1 (from three, don’t worry, hundreds of feedbacks weren’t removed!) hopefully that will push me up the list again!


Nice to hear


That’s very interesting. Good to know.


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Oh no, it wasn’t the feedback removed. It was the ‘collections’ removed :slight_smile: The feedback was something else. It was for late deliveries where I tried to get in touch with the customer but they never responded. If you make an effort to have feedback removed (or at least try to sort it out with the customer) and there is no response then the feedback will go :slight_smile:


Reply to @dins_cool: Wrong. In fact the feedback will stay but the link to the buyer’s profile will not be clickable because it doesn’t exist anymore.

I have a few feedbacks from buyers that are no longer on Fiverr. :wink:

Best Of Luck.


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