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What is happening with all this seo gigs? :|

anyway, I ordered a GIG from ************, something like that to get views/visitors on my blog/portfolio, and they did great job and I left them reviews and feedback. But after that I started getting SEO gig offers in my inbox from all sorts of random people, while I nowhere listed that I need that or anything…One of them even said that he saw I was looking for it…

TBH that for me is so pushy and annoying… why sending me gig offers and pvt messages because I once purchased something similar from a different user, and on the end how do they even know i purchased that service?

Did anyone had experience like that?
I am a seller too, but I don t pick out buyers and randomly sending them my gig offers :expressionless: do you all do that?

one of those gigs is: I will 100 PR9 EDU ,Wiki and 400 do follow Backlinks 3 gigs in one

Like i don t even understand what are they trying to make me buy :expressionless: Anyway, if anyone from CS see this, make it stop :expressionless:
I don t wanna purchase GIGs for myself if every time I do that I will get bunch of GIG offers like this :S

Spammers looks for reviews and then contacts buyer to spam all over the place!

that is kinda bad… gives fiverr a bad name. if i was just a buyer i would never again purchase here after this.

I experienced the same thing this morning, with the same verbiage and refused all three custom offers, glad I read the thread about the SEO scams and website hacks.

i read the same one… Do you know where can I report those messages? It is all brand new sellers…Ones profile says graphic designer and has like all gigs set up to SEO and stuffs like that :expressionless: