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I’ve been noticing that my sales, impressions and pretty much everything is going down since February and I start to check out the rank on Alexa and I got this, do you guys know something about what is happening? I talk to CS but they don’t offer any relevant information about this topic?

What do you think? I know lots of sellers have been suffering a drop in sales too.

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The Alexa rank is still pretty high.

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Well… I think that dropping more will not be a good news (or that’s what I think.)… already lost almost 100 positions…

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There can be a million reasons. Without seeing Fiverr stats there’s no easy way to explain it :slight_smile:
Have you checked the competitors? Has there been an overall ranking decrease for freelancing platforms?
You have it based on US, what about other countries? Do you even know from which country they have most visitors?

Besides, it’s a combination of Unique Visitors and Pageviews, which means that even house cleaning will impact the Alexa ranking. It may or may not impact the # of orders and revenue.

The bottom line is that Alexa has no knowledge about how many orders were made or if Fiverr’s revenue has increased or decreased. It’s my personal view, but Alexa doesn’t report ranking. It reports visits based on a very limited userbase and the number of visits doesn’t automatically convert into ranking in Google.

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It’s totally irrelevant and a waste of time to investigate.
There are also sellers were the sales are going up.
The main difference is that they are not active on the forum.


I know what you guys are referring, Yes you might be right but it can 't be a coincidence that my sales (and other sellers ) drop exactly the same time that Fiverr rank start to decrease.

I have check other freelance sites and the all appear to be falling down too… I don’t know if this is good or bad news…

Go back 2, 3 or 4 years and check how many people you find here on this forum complaining about low sales.
It’s not coincidence, it’s due to the fact that others who are busy with delivering orders don’t have time to come and cheer after every delivery :wink:

My last month was the busiest of all time. Does that mean Fiverr as a company is doing great!

Anyway, there’s no point wasting time on speculating. If you have some free time then upskill or focus on promoting. Be proactive!
While you’re worrying about Fiverr, your competitors are delivering orders. That reminds me, I have projects to deliver :slight_smile:

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I wish I could have access to that data but I can’t.

As for what I am worried about is that I’ve been on Fiverr before most of the people here…(since 2013) and I have never experienced something like this… that’s why I’m worried… I had bad months for sure but this is not about a bad month, this is about the whole year so far… at least for me.

I’m not saying you should just forget about it and do nothing.
I started moving away from Fiverr last year. I didn’t do it because I don’t like it here, I did it because it’s not wise to invest all your time in something that you have no control over.

That’s why I said, don’t read too much into Alexa and waste time on worrying about Fiverr. Instead use this free time to generate new income sources. So that when Fiverr does go down you have already other ventures lined up.

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Yes that definitely a great thing to do but, I love Fiverr and will always do… that’s why I’m concern about it, is important to me.

Thanks for the advice!

That’s about the time of the stock market “correction” So I am not shocked. The economy is not nearly as good as everyone is thinking it is, and in my opinion, it is in no way shocking that a company like Fiverr is more popular during the holidays.

Need I remind you that Fiverr is still rank 505 out of billions? Sites go up and down on this list all the time, and it would be hard to give a proper freakout without knowing the numbers for the past several years


Hello even for me… Previously I got 2-3 orders per day. But now Im getting one order for 3 days. :frowning:

This has also been discussed before. Fiverr jumps up and down Alexa all the time. The thing is, though, it is still doing amazingly well.

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I’m glad to see that image from last year… thanks for that!

What are you doing to try and turn things around so that this can become a good month/year?

I have a set of tweaks that I will do to my gig, let’s see how it goes.

If I had a dollar for everytime someone has posted a screenshot of Alexa ranking in the forum while claiming that Fiverr is going downhill, I would have a good pile of dollars. Luckily, over that time, I’ve actually earned more than that just by doing work and waiting for Fiverr to fail. It hasn’t failed yet and my income keeps going up on average. (There are dead weeks, of course, but the buyers ALWAYS come back. Reminds me of gold prices.)


Completely agree! The last two months have been low enough to hurt me financially, but this month has been booming! I make more money by working for clients and promoting my business than sitting around and claiming that Fiverr is about to die off.