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What is happening with my gig?


when I search my gig I saw it on the first page but last two days when I check impression, views, click everything is “0”… :disappointed_relieved::sob: why?what should I do now?


Don’t worry Dear i face this problem in beofre.It may be occur for some technically purpose.SOme days later it will be okay don’t concern about this matter.




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I also face this problem, Before 1 week ago my gigs show on First search resalt, but now it not show First 5 pages. how it fix


did you contact with CS?


Same experienced with the same issue!! Sadly I have down In “BEST SELLING” page 3 to Page 10 and sometime my gig was hIdden.

I then i Contact the CS.They said they can’t Change the Gig placement.:persevere::disappointed_relieved:

Here is the CS reply.

Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

****Fiverr is constantly making changes to improve the buying and selling experience on our site. We want buyers to find the best sellers for their specific needs. Because of this, Gigs will rotate. We are not able to guarantee that your Gig will remain in the same position. Many other sellers “compete” for the same location within search. If another seller is performing better that you, their Gig may appear higher in search results. **

**We use an algorithm, which takes into account multiple factors. Ratings and number of orders completed are just some of the factors we take into consideration. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose certain criteria for our search engine, as this information is proprietary. **

**However, here are some of the things that can help you in receiving the best possible search position. **

Provide high quality service
Deliver on time
Avoid unnecessary cancellations
Communicate with your buyers to make sure you understand their needs
Adhere to our Terms of Service

Customer Support will not accept requests for better placement of your Gig "


Hoping Fiverr Team will fix it as soon as they can!


thanks for tips…