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What is impact of declining a cancellation request?



I am a seller. A buyer came to me with a requirement, I sent a custom offer for $5. He accepted it. To my surprise I received two separate orders each for $5. (When I clicked ‘View Order’ It directed me only to the first order.) Does this happened to anyone before?

I told the Buyer about this. He sent a cancellation request on the first order. Then I asked him if he can send me another work, that I can do for the other $5. He agreed to that and sent me one more work. Then I asked him to withdraw his cancellation request.

He is yet to withdraw it. I finished both the works now. I am not able to deliver the order in which he sent cancellation request. Can I simply decline the request and deliver? Is there any negative impact for any of us (Buyer or Seller) ?

Any thoughts?



If you deliver when a client wants to cancel you are not only not making your client happy but also risk receiving a negative review.

My advice at all cost make the buyer happy, if you can not work it out with them ( I ) would go ahead with the cancel because it is their wish and your in the service industry and if the client is not happy the should receive a refund.

Good luck friend


Hi chrsplmr, Thanks for your reply.

But I meant to say that we discussed it out. He agreed to give me another $5 work instead of cancelling the order. But he did not really withdraw his cancellation request. (May be forgot?). I am sure he wont mind me declining his cancellation request as he agreed to it. But I just wanted to know if there is any impact from Fiverr’s end, on one of our accounts (me or the buyer) due to this?

Sorry if I am not making my question clear.

Just wanted to know if Fiverr will bring down our account status or gig status or anything if I decline a cancellation request?

Thanks in advance for replies :slight_smile:


Since the buyer agreed to send you work on the other order, too, it should be fine to decline the cancellation request and deliver the work. Your buyer could be new, or he simply doesn’t know how to withdraw the cancellation request (and he might find it embarrassing to admit it).

Just in case: make a screenshot of your conversation with the buyer, including the part where he agreed to send you work to do on the other order.


Hi catwriter,

Thank you so much for your advice. I was about to do as you suggested, and the buyer came back and withdrew his cancellation request just now. And I delivered my orders. So everything is good now !!!

Thank you all. :smile: :smile: :smile: