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What is importancy "view as buyer or seller"?

I am new in fiverr. I have create a Gig. But I can’t realize what is importance view as buyer or seller? please help me anyone.

of course!
view as buyer or seller does not have importance… just a preview :slight_smile:

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If you mean that button ‘View as a Buyer’ /‘View as a Seller’, it’s not really that important, ‘View as Buyer’ shows you how your page looks to buyers, and in ‘View as Seller’ mode you have the edit abilities/buttons, which buyers obviously won’t see when they look at your page.

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It’s important as Mirror. We use the mirror to see how we look like, is our dress/outfit ok. Do we suit to go outside. Or just checking ourselves. View As A Buyer button is like that.


Thanks everybody for your kind information