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What is impression and clicks? How can we increase our Gig impression?

According to my research, impression means how many time fiverr shows my Gig in search. And clicks means that how much I received in my Gig.

But I’m still confuse about increasing my Gig Impression.
Kindly give me some good suggestions.


Impressions: It is the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (i.e. on home page of fiverr or when the buyers search in a particular category/sub-category).

Clicks : These are the number of views of your gig after it was seen on the homepage, category/subcategory page or search results ,that is, the number of times users viewed your gig specifically and the details describing the gig.


To make a lot of impressions, you can rank in the search fiverr your gigs.

Or promote your url gigs somewhere other than in fiverr

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about impressions, you could experiment using tags on your gigs, also optimizing title is helping too for better impressions.



Great reply and thanks for the information in this thread.


Great reply and thanks for the accurate information in this thread. Appreciate this.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions


You can increase your gig imprecations and click, you have to use attractive title and tag based on your services also you can increase your gig imprecations by using social share.

I think another best way is you will send “Buyer Requests” everyday to related you service that you are providing then your gig imprecations, click and view automatically will increased.



@shuvo_shohag how can we sent buyer requests as a sellers. is that legal here?

I have changed my title and check weather impression going high. but still i didn’t found good title that will help to go impressions up.

pls kindly help me.

You will go buyer request section then you will see lots of clients posted lots of job that type of service they need. You will send offer to them to your related service that you are providing then you can get order.


@shuvo_shohag oh. thank you very much and I’m already doing that regularly. and happy to say most of the time its working.


Goes against TOS! @hesart

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Thank you so much~~~~~

Thanks! Great explanation.

can you explain your buyer request method?plz

thanks everyone. As i am a new seller i found that @shuvo_shohag @backlinks_index replies are the most helpful Replies.thank you so much