What is Impression of Fiverr ? How it's rate or Work for gig?


Hello All friends ,
We everybody know Fiverr is the top Quality Marketplace now . But When i try to start marketing thought social media then i just looks it’ effective for View & click . But i really want to know what is the impression. and How it’s increased ? Also know what is the new method to increase sale more.

Hope I got a perfect answers from my all friends .

Thanks in advance


Well, I cannot claim to be perfect, nor have perfect answers, and, I don’t recall meeting you and becoming friends. So, unfortunately, I guess this means I don’t meet the requirements you have stated to allow me to answer your questions… :roll_eyes:


Hi,@jonbaas,may I ask something.if u don’t mind.


:smile: He said “Hope” so it’s okay if you don’t give perfect answer plus i think it’s okay to call each other friends here and sometime i use family but it doesn’t mean we are. It’s just figure of speech.


okay all my friend why i ask the question ?? when i try to marketing my gig at twitter, then i just some view and click and nothing on Impression. so i ma confused . If a visitor saw my gig then i think i get some impression. But I got noting last night. that’s why i ask this question. other wise i have good idea about impression. but I am not clear about fiverr impression issue. thanks


Hi,i think pplz don’t like it to be called friends,buddy or dear from that part of the world.


Yes. Why not? You can ask me your question . Hope it’s helpful for me.


Hi,its works this way 1st the impression,then views and clicks.


I am really confuse about this part.


Just wait I will show u mine thereafter I could explain better.


You can always ask. I may, however, choose not to answer. :wink:

What’s your question?


Very simple,its mid night in yours part of world DON’T u feel sleepy.



Simple answer: No. I work during the overnight hours. :wink:


Yes this is yours. nut but in mine Impression is low then view and click . that’s why i ask this question. thank you very much for sharing .


If you type “what are impressions” in the search bar above there are lots of posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


great stats dear. keep it up …!


okay. thank you very much