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What is indicator of gig ranking?

My gigs impressions, views and clicks are growing day by day. What does it indicate?


you will get orders in few days.


This is good for your gigs and very short time you will get orders.

It means your Gig is optimized well for that category. People are getting your gig on their search page and they are also checking out your gig. Hope you will get order soon!

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Impressions are a huge fact to get new orders because if you’re gig is well organized and useful to buyers then you get orders. And fiverr helps you promote your gig.

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Check this out:


Good to see that … did you make image seo?

Visibility and exposure doesn’t mean sales.


Yes Boss, I have done image and video seo

I am expecting Knock. If buyers knock me, I will be able to convince them for sell

No you won’t. It doesn’t work that way.

Also, please proofread before you post here. I can barely understand what you’re saying.


Little people know about this.

What does that mean?

few sellers understand. many believe once impression increase, sure, they will be sales.

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