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What is individual order?


hi i read fiverr requirements promote to level 1 there is a condition says seller must be complete 10 individual orders . what is the individual order? what is the custom order?,


It simply means you need to complete 10 separate orders.

You can send a custom offer to a buyer that messages you regarding your services. You should have an inbox button that says “Create an Offer” - click on this to learn more.


will fiverr accept custom orders for the level 1 promotion?


i mean if i complete 10 with some custom orders?


In theory, yes, custom offers should form part of the requirements. But, I can’t be 100% certain.




Custom orders are the same are regular orders through your page. In fact, Fiverr encouraged custom orders for a while. It’s a great way to give your customer exactly what they need and it can also benefit the seller as well. Win win :slight_smile: