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What is it i'm lacking?

I have been trying to get my first order but i don’t know why i’m unable to get one. Is my profile not professional enough or my gigs not up to par with other seller’s gigs. help!!!
Need suggestions so i can start working :disappointed:

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I think it would help if you targeted your gigs more towards specific niches, meaning your drawing and writing gig. Right now, they are very general. Also, you should delete the mention of “essays” in your writing gig. You are not allowed to sell academic writing on Fiverr.

Please read the Terms of Service here:

Moreover, your descriptions are really short. You need to really sell yourself in your description to show what makes you different from other sellers.

Your translation gig also has several capitalization errors in the small description and an error in the example picture you have provided.

BTW, your drawings are really good!


Thank you so much for taking the time to examine my profile, I’ll make sure to be more specific about what I can write and draw.
What if I say I can do realistic drawings for you? Book covers , magazine covers, story books anything of this sort?
And thank you so much I hope i can make a few bucks using a lil skill I have in drawing at least.

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Yes, that is a great idea. :slight_smile:

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