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What is it with people ignoring and lying on this platform?

Every experience has been bad since i got on here, It’s been so many times that people promise me to contact me after a certain date then when that does not happen they ignore me like seriously? Same with someone who asked my files to look at it and never ever responded to me after that like they just stole and have my personal files they can easily just use make and sell… This platform is such a scam and there is no way to report someone since the button does not exist! You legit have to contact support for that and that doesn’t even do anything… Got many orders cancelled and refunded because people promise too much for quality and ends up bad and not quality at all, like how is this all allowed? The ignoring part is the most annoying thing i ever experienced like is it too hard to say sorry i’m busy instead of ignoring when coming online? Someone even blocked me when i asked a revision ofcourse i made the support refund it… My trust in this platform is seriously decreased. Anyone else had these unacceptable experiences?


Nope, I am both a seller and a buyer on the Fiverr platform. Every time I have made a purchase, I have had a great experience. However, I am meticulous in vetting the buyers I choose to work for me.

When I was new, buyers would ask me to proofread a free sample, I never did. I always told them I would gladly proofread a sample for them for $5. Few ever went with that choice because all they really wanted was to get free samples from several sellers and get their work done for free.

To avoid your files being stolen you could create samples of what you do and place them in your gig.


i think he’s a buyer and not a seller

If you look at his profile he has a gig offering photoshop work. So, far he has no reviews as a seller. However, he has a few buyer reviews. So, he is both a seller and a buyer.

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ok thanks for the info

When people say they’ve had consistently bad experiences on Fiverr - I often suspect that they need to take far more ownership of what’s happening.

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for seven years, I’ve completed hundreds of sales and only ever had one truly bad experience that got resolved in my favour. Why? Because I retain control of orders. I’m polite but professional. I don’t let people abuse me.

It’s all about the signals you send out to the people you’re dealing with. In my opinion most buyers and sellers on Fiverr are good honest people. But like any walk of life there are also scammers and people that you’d rather not be dealing with.

We have a phrase: “a poor workman blames his tools”. In this case you you are blaming the Fiverr platform when it is actually you that needs to revaluate how you are using the platform. Sorry to sound so harsh, but do you really think that so many professionals would choose to repeatedly sell and buy on Fiverr over many years if it was, as you allege, a scam?


Trust me i know what to look for i’m talking about people who are willing to help me and then don’t afterall ignoring me while being said they would start for example next week with me always never happens this is ridiculous.

Then we have completely different experiences.

I just find it strange that I have had around 700 orders and only ever needed to involve customer support once - and even then they found in my favour, as a seller.

Whereas some people seem to have problem after problem with orders…

I guess I must just be lucky and that it has nothing to do with due diligence.


Wish i came across people like you, the ones i look for are character modelers and seems like only that category is a rubish one you have to think twice before you go with someones gig.

Again, contacted 3 sellers they reply and ask what i need i give them what i need no reply anymore… This legit should have a report button for not replying anymore making their response rate etc go down after a review…

At any given day and moment in that day, you have a huge amount of sellers who are here just to steal and be frauds. Just like in any other business.
That is why it is important to decide what you want, how much are you willing to pay for it overall, and how important is to you to get it right fast.

Lets say you want X, and your budget is 70$.

You have a couple of options, the main ones would be to hire 10 people for 5$ hoping at least one will deliver good and in time.
Or order from one with reviews, who is communicating properly and portfolio and description are clear and precise, 52$.

But the problem starts when you pay 52$ and he turns out to be a fraud.
So that is why more people are taking the 10/5 option and that is why Fiverr has so many unskilled sellers. They basically get donations for doing nothing. Some people ask for a refund but some people do not want to be bothered by 5$ and move on.

I really don’t know how to get things done, i’m completely lost nobody replies and i see them coming online right after i send it knowing they just ignore instead of simply saying no sorry i won’t do it, this is very annoying for me… Like they give you hope and then take that away by being this rude, i would atleast say no sorry i can’t instead of letting someone wait for nothing.

“Online” indicator doesn’t work properly. I had it showing me offline when I was actively using the site and I also had buyers claiming they saw me online when I absolutely couldn’t be. So that alone is not and should not be treated as proof that someone is being rude. They could leave the tab open, they could forget to close the app and use their phone, etc., etc. If I’ve ever gotten “Are you ignoring me?” from a potential buyer, I’d probably run for the hills.

If someone took your files before the order was placed to take a look and let you know if it was doable or not and then just disappeared, they most likely found the project too complex for their skill level and moved on. They should have let you know they couldn’t do it and not doing so is unprofessional. But they’d still have your files so I’m not sure what can be done to provide an assurance that the files won’t be misused in this case. If you want the job to be done well, you’ll need to interview quite a few people and that would include showing them references and a project description.

Look for someone with a consistent live portfolio. It shows recent deliveries the seller made while the seller themselves have no control over whether the delivery is displayed or not. So you’ll get a more or less accurate presentation of the look, the quality, the style. If it doesn’t match what you have in mind (while the seller enthusiastically claims they can totally do it) don’t hire them. If the quality doesn’t at all match the first 3 slides (which the seller themselves can select), don’t hire them.

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Thanks for the info, i did not know the online status was messed up. I will watch out from now on who i contact and hire.

I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t the platform, but the behavior of such users. I already experienced such things but its less than 1%.

This is why Fiverr is based on rating system (reputation).

I have many buyers who ask me for a quote, then goes to a cheaper seller, and the comes back to me, because the cheaper seller didn’t deliver a good result.

This is why you should be cautious with the discrepancy “SERVICE x PRICE”.

Maybe you just need to find the right sellers.

And, yes there is a button to report users.

I’m also a buyer and a seller here at fiverr and I learned that the best way to have a good experience is to contact seller before any order, to make sure you both (seller and buyer) are on the same page


I do contact the seller first, they ask me what i need i give them clear vision to what i need and then they just don’t reply it’s always after 4 days or so, so i’m pretty sure those ignore me, i also always read reviews but seems like they can fake those aswell i’v seen profiles with 5x the same guy the same review which looked suspicous.

There are regular buyers. Someone who liked the work and came back for more. Someone who didn’t know they could ask for a custom offer and just placed multiple orders in a row. Someone who was gracious enough to then review more than one order but couldn’t be bothered to come up with multiple ways of saying that the seller did a good job.

Sellers are (aggressively) encouraged to keep buyers coming back for more, yet when they do, it’s considered suspicious. So you really can’t win. That alone isn’t a proof of any wrongdoing.


Yes, many sellers does this. I suggest to always consider veteran sellers if you want a “guarantee”.

BUT, I often have sellers which does 1 order per request, instead 1 order for all of them. And then they give 4, 5, 6 reviews in sequence. But this is their wish.

Consider sellers who are doing consistent good work over months, or better, years. Like I said, fiverr is based on reputation, and a reliable seller must have a good reputation.

I’m pretty sure you just had a bad luck.

ALSO, personal suggestion. Contact more than one seller at the time, “dont put all your eggs in the same basket”. But do not copy and paste your requests when contacting them or your messages will be marked as spam.

you will find someone.

But please keep in mind, in every place of the world there are scammers, here we have too. Try being more picky with your sellers choices. And forget about sellers prices, focus on what worth your request, and then see if it fits in your sellers quotes.

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Have you tried Pro / TRS sellers? What you’re describing sounds very unprofessional. I turn down a LOT of clients, because as a seller I have the opposite problem - buyers contacting me with totally unrealistic expectations, no budget, or they don’t even know what they want. But I always let them know immediately that it’s not gonna work, and that’s it. On the other hand, I’ve gotten quite a few buyers contacting me, agreeing with the price and details, and then just disappearing for months without a word, only to come back later asking if I’ll still do it, like I even remember what we talked about. I’m always tempted to just say no, for the disrespect alone. I don’t waste my buyers time, and I don’t appreciate when they waste mine.


I never had that until I reached Level 2 and now I have returning clients, last week almost daily. I guess at some point they will get tired of leaving reviews but for now they keep leaving it and it would look strange if they do not allow portfolio image to be visible, but since they allow it it is clearly visible that same client is ordering same concept of ad and using me as designer (YT thumbnail is recommended to have branding, so I prepared branding for client and now every time he has new video he sends me instructions and barabing badabum, order received, delivered, paid and left review under 30 minutes.)