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What is life & struggle


life is the name of Dream if you want to complete your dream then do struggle …


Oh yes,
trying in a positive way. Thanks!

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“Soon this will feel like a distant dream. Until then, may you rest in a deep and dreamless slumber”

~Robert Ford :slight_smile:


Fiverr is struggle of your life.


To be honest, I’m sure there are far better battles in life worth calling a struggle. Fiverr is a choice – a voluntary career move. And like any choice, we have all chosen to be here. This, however, does not define the nature of our lives. Talk to a cancer survivor – he/she has truly endured a “struggle of [their] life”. Talk to a soldier who lost a leg in battle, and has to relearn how to walk with a prosthetic. Talk to a young mother who miscarried a child, and has to live with the physical loss of a loved one in her life.

Fiverr is a struggle for many sellers, but it is also a choice we willingly make. We choose to undertake the challenge of working for ourselves. We do not struggle any more than we choose to. That soldier… that mother… that cancer survivor… those people truly have a struggle for their lives.

Let’s not lose perspective here. There are far greater struggles in life than the choice to work here on Fiverr.


It’s not possible to understand some other’s meaning of struggle sitting on own chair. But being positive might be good I think definitely agree with that perspective.


I agree with you 100%, but at the same time I think I’ve gone through ( and perhaps others as well) several “mini-struggles” here at Fiverr.
I struggled to get the gig description right, I struggled to gain trust from buyers,
and my biggest struggle was to deal with certain buyers that caused nothing but headaches.
At one point I also felt like I was taking things too seriously back when I had only basic $5 gigs,
and I was going through a struggle of trying to balance the “it’s ONLY $5” and " But people still paid for it so I need to give it my best!" thought evenly.

Good news is, I struggle WAY less now here at Fiverr.
Oh wait, I take that back, right now I’m dealing with an annoying buyer and I’m struggling hard
NOT to snap at this guy.

OK, I don’t know where I’m going with this. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Well, to be honest, I was responding to a comment related to the scope of a struggle, and the claim that Fiverr is “a struggle of our life”. Fiverr is a career challenge, as it should be. There are other things in life that define the breath we take, how well we move physically, how we love, etc that are true “struggles of our lives.” :wink:

I’m with you on the Fiverr career challenges, though. I’ve faced (and face) many of those too, as I’ve built my business, and as I become a better seller over the years. :slight_smile:

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Obviously, there are no way to be bright career without stuggle. But the only way of stuggle must be better as your clarification of work.
Best wishes


Honestly, I have no idea what this means. :thinking:

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Sorry dear, I want to say the perfect way to stuggle.


I understand now, thank you.

On another note, please do not call me “dear”. You are not my grandmother, my aunt, my mother, or my wife. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want me calling you by equally affectionate terms like, “buttercup”, “shmoopsie”, “babe” or “my beloved”.

Calling people you do not know personally, “dear” is extremely inappropriate and highly unprofessional – especially in a business setting. Please be respectful, and don’t do it again.


I’m sorry, I had to hop in.
I’ve NEVER heard of shmoopsie! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:
Does it actually have a meaning, or just a cute sound??

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“Smoopsie” is a bit dated, but it also serves as a great example of what NOT to call people you don’t know personally. :wink:


Thanks for your valuable support.


Well, I’m not actually supporting you. I just asked you to be more professional in how you address others.

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