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What is low quality deliveries on fiverr

hey, guys, I need one help, can anyone tell me( what is low-quality deliveries on Fiverr) I just get one warning from Fiverr and there was written this ----- your account was flagged for low-quality deliveries, —

I just want to know that is this warning was for my work or just delayed deliveries this happened 1st time with me I am working since 1 year, and I had 500+ positive feedbacks and almost 2 negative feedbacks only so I am sure this is not about my work, but I want to be sure, and one more thing I have delayed so many orders in past dew days, so is it just because of that or something else


In the revisions question, one of the options is “I am dissatisfied with the quality”. Maybe it’s something to do with that. Or you could contact CS and get an answer from them.

okay i understand but whenever client don’t like my work i always do refund their money :frowning: , this warning is really made in tension

It might not be that revision thing. CS will probably give the full reason if you ask them (though they probably won’t mention if a specific user clicked that button etc.).

I’d be interested to hear what CS tells you about that.

We’ve received several complaints from your previous buyers regarding the performance of your services on Fiverr. As you know, all sellers are expected to maintain an acceptable seller rating to demonstrate the quality of services they offer on Fiverr.

------ i dint understand why if client dint like my work they should ask for cancellations

With me being a new voice over seller here on fiverr, that makes me question if I properly communicated on my gig exactly what I offer with my description. Thanks for sharing film_plex! It will definitely be something to be aware of when I start getting orders.


Some get angry if the quality isn’t what they expected. They feel that the seller has deceived them/wasted their time. Some of those don’t leave a bad review because of bad previous experiences (like sellers sending them a message after message and begging them to change the rating), but contact Customer Support instead, and complain to them.

I’m not saying that’s what happened in your case, it’s just that I’ve noticed buyers complaining on the forum that the refund they’ve received isn’t enough to compensate them for the time they lost on a seller who can’t deliver as advertised, and that the seller should be punished for wasting their time with a poor quality product.


i understand – bu now i am confused what should i do in this case , i never talked about ratings with my client , i dont know now what should i improve

What if you increased your prices slightly? Even if there were less orders in the queue the increased prices might make up for it and give more time per order, and time for more communication if it was needed to check exactly what the buyers wanted.

If Fiverr are basing it on the number of complains instead of the percentage of them maybe those delivering many orders in a short amount of time would be more at risk.

i am not sure about mywork qualities because i had only 2 feedback negative 14 feedback normal and 500+ feedbacks is positive so , but i am 80% sure it was because delivery time :frowning: because its happens with me 1st time from last month i was really bad at doing job at given times just coz of my health issue

– anyway i cant say anything but will try to be more clear with my client that is the only thing i can do for now

What you could do is change the amount in the “limit orders in the queue” to a lower amount if needed or increase the delivery time in the gig setup if needed.

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yes already increase the delivery time , but price i cant increase because honestly that is best price for my work and i am happy with that

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That’s good, we’re not allowed to talk about ratings with clients.

Perhaps you can try changing your gig description, to make it very clear what your clients can expect from your work? If some of them had unrealistic expectations and weren’t happy because those expectations weren’t met, a gig description making it clear what they can/can’t expect from you might help in future cases.


yes i was thinking about that and i will be more clear about my services in description :slight_smile:

They also can complain. They actually don’t even have to go far. Even if your order is cancelled fiverr is still sending them hidden review to fill out. So even if you cancelled your order in hope to avoid bad rating your clients still could fill out a form that they weren’t satisfied with quality of your work and that’s why they cancelled it.

P.S and if fiverr is really rolling out this system to control a quality of work like on other websites then I’m really happy about that. It will filter all those sellers that constantly don’t deliver quality work and just cancelling orders to avoid bad reviews and ratings.

And exactly because of this behaviour fiverr taking into account all cancellations even if it’s mistaken orders because they know there are a lot of sellers who’s trying to cheat the system and cancelling orders to avoid bad reviews.

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