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What is means by SEO friendly GIGs

i wanna know what is the means that SEO friendly Gigs?
How can i do that? anyone can share this clearly


SEO friendly mean Make Your Gig description, title more readable and must use your focus keyword in them


SEO = Search Engine Optomized


SEO friendly Gig mean that use keywords in your Gigs which are naturally searched.

It means creating fiverr search engine optimized gig.

Check this out:


The meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. When people are looking for something or like your service then If you GIG is on first pages then they can easily contact with you.
If you want to top position then you have to do SEO friendly GIG. I mean have to focus which keyword many people choose for your service.
Some of the people are flirting which seller is online now. If you can stay online then people when flirting they can easily find you.


I also need to know that!

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Use appropriate key words in your description. There are different websites for searching keywords like Google Adwords.


I need to know the procedure of optimization.

SEO friendly means it should be visible in google search or any search enginge.

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification, understood the gist of ‘SEO friendly gigs’ by reading the comments, however still a little puzzled on how to get it done.

Good day.

I am not an expert at SEO. Now I am sharing what I know.
SEO = Search Engine Optimized
There are also two types
one is off-page SEO and another one on-page.
your all things have to SEO friendly like your gig images, video, description, title, keyword and more. than your gig will be SEO friendly.


You’re right absolutely SEO means this

How to make your gig SEO friendly for fiverr:

Use a title that has words people search for. If your gig is for logo design then say the words logo design in the title.

But use extra words too in the title. For example you could have a title:

I will create a cool logo design for you.

This would be a SEO title for someone who does logo design gigs.

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Wow! Great suggestion for me. I had a small knowledge about it. But, it’s been clear to me. Thank you.

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Thanks everyone for further clarification.

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I was about to ask the very same question, but now I don’t need it. Thank you for creating this thread, OP. Right now I have another question, but I will create my own thread for this one, I guess. The question is about off page SEO. One of my friends told me that I need it so my ranking will rise. He also told me that this company provides high quality crowd marketing and I should buy some links from them. Do I have to? If I don’t get the answer here, I will create a new thread for sure.