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What is meant by an Urban Style logo?

Could someone explain to me what is meant by an Urban Style logo please :slight_smile:

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Urban is a Term used to mostly Describe the city arnd streets.
You can also do a Definition search of terms used in modern day.

Some logos


Thank you very much bro… So an Urban Style logo is somewhat similar to Street Art ?

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Well not exactly, as graffiti is also street art.
Think more city and town’s alongside signage letter type, font face.
Coke’aCola (1960’s, not current times)
Old petrol station signs. etc.

It is quite easy to look up- check picture website. As im not going to link anything due to T.C’s on fiverr

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Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation mate… Now I got an idea about it… Will check some pictures as well… Thanks again… Cheers