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What is meant by 'clearing' in the earning menu


hey so i completed my first order which was 5$ my first question is that whay did i get 4$ instead of 5 is it because of a late delivery?
AND NUMBER 2 what is meant by “Funds clearing”/ it’s confusing because i read a topic on the forums which asked the same question and people said that you have to wait 14-17 days after only that you are able to draw your money but when i looked up the on_site FAQ, it said that i have 14 days to"widthdraw" the amount but when i go to click on paypal, it says “no funds available to draw” (see picture)


You get $4 instead of $5 as Fiverr takes 20% commission.

Your funds go into a pending state for 14 days after the gig’s completed. You’ll be able to withdraw it to PayPal after that.

That’s the bit you need to read before you start selling. :wink:


It is the time you have to wait before your funds are available to you. It is security timeframe. Please note Fiverr deduct the 20% commission from your earnings.

PS: replied at the same time @merciavideo :slight_smile:


but what about the onbaord faq that says i have 14 days to widthdraw the amount


ps: i also hate how fiverr has minimum character constraints on every thing really does mess me up some times


That means you can withdraw your earning after 14 days from when your order marked as complete ( This waiting period is 7 days for Top Rated Seller).


Seems it should be “you have to wait 14 days to withdraw your funds”. A typo.


haha maybe we should let fiverr know…


Seems :slight_smile: , can lead to confusion like this case. You can send CS a message with the typo, they will value your contribution.


how can i do thAT…(god! the minimum 20 characters limit is killing me :rage: )


Just go to the sellers help center here:

And select “Report a bug” showing the typo.




Anytime, you are also helping the community reporting the typo.


i reported the typo hopefully they get it sorted soon


In addition to what has been said suggest you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


it was just a messy confusion


I am facing some issues about withdraw, i was done many jobs but not properly $ is coming, connecting to CS :sunny: