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What is meant by this?

I got a message about the new profile update (yes I’m aware of this new addition) and the reasoning behind it. Read it, scratched my head and pondered why. Just why in general because sellers have been doing alright since the dawn of Fiverr without stating qualifications and certifications yet they feel it will make buyers more inclined to purchase from someone with these elements on display.

Be it scarring from other platforms that utilized this to cause division or from liking things simple. Hope it stays optional as no one wants to be restricted from doing the “norm” over not sharing something that could be deemed irrelevant to what they’re offering.

It means that you now have two choices. You can either let yourself now loose out to sellers who list degrees and all sorts of bells and whistles on their profile pages, or you can lie until your heart is content and now list any of your own imaginary qualifications in order to get ahead of the game.

It seems to be geared to computer programming professionals mostly, with all the languages listed.