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What is minimum amount on custom offer


One of my client is asking me to do his work fir less than 5 $, what is the least minimum amount i can offer to the customer on custom offer

I think $5 is the lowest price you can offer on this site… It isn’t called Fiverr for nothing haha… (Not sure though…)

You should politely decline this possible buyer. No one should be asking you for any work that is less than $5. And you should not even consider to do work for anyone wanting to pay less than $5, that is not a good client.

A customer offer should be used to offer something that is not in your gig and that costs more, not less than $5.

(by the way, what did they ask you to do and how much did they offer to pay you? I am just curious about it)

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Reply to @sincere18: They are asking to me edit 2 images for 4 $ meaning 2 dollars for each image

Reply to @fatimaskills: no way!

I would just write back politely -

If you are interested in me making your edits you will need to purchase 2 gigs. I offer one image edit in each gig, so the cost to edit 2 photos will be $10. Thank you.

I bet you will not hear from them anymore.

Reply to @fatimaskills: also, I do think you have one mistake maybe in your gigs…

I just looked to see if there was anything in your gig that might make a buyer think they could ask for this. Notice how in your gig you say the word “images”. That is plural meaning more than one.

“I will provide the Photoshop work removing the background and enhancing the quality of the images and further requirements.”

You need to change that to just say “image” or be clear and write out what people will get with this gig. You should also be very clear on what the gig is for and what kind of file they will get back. Say something like:

For $5 I will edit one image. You will receive the .PSD file and .JPEG image.

Or whatever you want to include and sell for your gig.

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Reply to @fatimaskills: see my next post. Sorry I got a phone call so didn’t get to finish that other note yet.