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What is more important?


Hello Fiverr. I would like your opinion in this question. What do you think is more important in order to have many sales in Fiverr? Talent, good prices, presentable profile, promoting your profile or something else? What is more important in your opinion?



Talent. If you don’t have a skilled service that people want, you won’t be in business for long.


Talent is more important things for success


Talent and excellent customer service.


So i guess talent wins!!!


Talent is nothing without marketing.

And by marketing I don’t mean sharing your gig on social media or spamming people’s inboxes.

I mean researching the market to find an entry point, position yourself properly and establish your market share.

80% of sellers here don’t know how to do that unfortunately.

When I first started working on Fiverr I had very little talent. I mean that. And I somehow found myself selling more than talented people did.


I would say Talent and a presentable profile.