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What is most important to become successful

Success varies from person to person. Achieving your goals is your success. For achieving goals planing is a must. Just think you start your Fiverr carrier and you don’t have planning for achieving the goals. You just want to become a top seller. On the Other hand, you have a plan to achieve your goal to be a top-rated seller. You plan the sell target, how many gigs you want to sell within 1 month 6 months 1year, and 3 years. How you achieve the sell target. The quality of service. How to improve your gig. About social media gig marketing. Increasing your skills. Spending time at the forum. You plan everything in written and in detail.

How many gigs you want to sell within the next 3 years.
Gig marketing plan.
Analyzing the demand of your gig.
Maintaining all Fiverr TOS.

Read as much as possible and plan for success. Set goals in written and the milestone. Plan weekly tasks and check after week what was your plan and what you achieve.


Useful information thanks for sharing

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This is such great information.

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Thanks for your nice information.

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This is very great information …Thank u for sharing!!

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Where i share my gig and profile ?

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Thanks for your Good Written.
I think Three Things To need Success:

  1. Plan
  2. Perseverance
  3. Luck

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  1. Think about who are your potential customers.
  2. What business they are doing?
  3. Where are they spending time? (Social media)
  4. Then try to reach them. Show your expertise not a gig.
    It’s my concept and different people have a different concept.

I have lots of plan ahead… i have already 3 gigs on fiver, but no sale yet… My niche is Data entry,web research & Influencer marketing. Badly waiting to get the first order.