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What is most important to you in fiverr?


What is most important to you in fiverr?


Getting the amount of orders I should be getting based on my five year record of excellence here.


Discussions on the forums.


I think you should write what’s your most important thing in fiverr first.
Mine is customer satisfaction of course …



Working hard and getting paid for it - that gives me a high.


My money… Customer satisfaction comes second lol :joy:


For me it’s Best reviews , they get You more orders and hence more money and more reviews :slight_smile:


How is old Ben? Haven’t seen him in a long time. I miss the old fella.


Making money with no hassles.

To all new buyers, don’t make a $70 order if you’re going to demand a refund later on. Test your seller with a $5-$10, or whatever his cheapest package is.


I guess I have never met Ben?


I like to make pocket change here, but the best part is my new friends on the Forum.


Yeah, but some of them get really cranky at times. Especially when you bring up certain topics. Anyway, gotta go, 9k words left for the day.


Well, technically he’s been dead for awhile.

There is a cartoon :mouse: that helps him fly a kite, if I recall.

Back to topic, the most important is getting great original work. :slight_smile:


I was just going to quote your last sentence and you must have edited it out . . . Did you mean our friend ? Actually, I do not know your US political views. You are welcome to PM me to explain. :mailbox_with_mail:


Don’t get me into trouble Vickie. LOL. Will talk later, very busy right now.


for me fiverr is a institute where i learn new things every day. regarding work providing high quality work is my target


The most important thing is that it remains a place where a person with a talent can put up a gig and get exposure without having to pay for it. This makes Fiverr truly unique. I am sure that there is debate internally about following Google search, Google shopping and Amazon in charging money to appear at the top of the listings. As it stands now, Fiverr is an amazing opportunity for someone with no money but a skill to get exposure.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: