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What is mostly fiverr made for?

I am a counsellor, offering gigs for counselling in various subjects when it comes to relationships, emotional difficulties, work oriented subjects and etc. Is this site suitable for this kind of “gigs” ?

Thank you all in advance!

Counseling. You can sell this service here.

But you will have to get the gig(service) approved if you plan to communicate through skype or similar medium.

But I have not seen this service in demand here.

Thanks a lot for the info kay2809 !

Be aware that many of the Buyers on Fiverr expect services for far below market value, even for high quality service.

Be up front about what you charge so the bottom feeders don’t waste your valuable time answering inane questions, ad nauseam for services they are not willing to pay for.

I charge on average $60 per hour and as soon as I let Buyers know my rate I seldom here a peep back from those who can not afford my level of Pro animation services.



Reply to @anigrams: I appreciate your response Roy, its really helpful for me to see the way things work out here! Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

I don’t think so that the services you have mention above is in demand. You can offer logo design services here on fiverr. This is the only service i find very profitable or else you can go with anyone in which you are expert.