What Is My Basic Price?


I need someone to go onto my profile and tell me what the “Starting At” price is on my writing gigs about veganism and erotica. I am asking because it seems that some people are confused about it.

Is it:

A. 500 words for 10$
B. 500 words for 5$
C. 750 words for 5$

Because you would think that if I would write 500 words for 5$ that I would have it listed as such, right?


All are $10 but 2… the rewrite gig and the recipe gig are $5.


That ^ and A.


Hey, Lucy!

For your Erotic short stories Gig…
Edit this bit to avoid any confusion. :wink:


I will write you a titillating and graphic erotic short story starting at the low, low price of just 5 little dollars!


Oh shoot, I usually don’t add that in the description. Thanks for the catch! :slight_smile:


YW, at least they can’t come back and say "well, your description said this & that."
Nip it in the bud!