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What is my real impression count?

Hello everyone, I have a gig on fiverr where I offer voice overs, and I had my phone and PC both logged on to fiverr. However, on PC statistics shows around 506 impressions, but on the fiverr mobile app the impressions count is 331.
Now what is the actual count? I refreshed both of them but nothing changed.


Surely,you will have more than one Gigs.In our mobile phone we see the impression of all active Gigs collectively.So,there is nothing to worry abt.Keep working hard.

Well in that case, the impressions on the app should be more than the count on PC. It is the other way round though, which makes it confusing. But you’re right, its nothing to worry about. Just curious.

The PC statistics is changeable from the drop down menu. It is the performance of your gig for last 30 days.
On the other hand, the moblie shows the last 7 days performance.


Oh, thank you so much! I didn’t think of that haha. Thanks again.

You can also check this link.
My pleasure.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, got some helpful info

“In our mobile phone we see the impression of all active Gigs collectively.” – That’s not what he’s saying.

He’s saying that the app and desktop are showing two different results. That discrepancy is indeed a problem.

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