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What is my responsibility after gig is complete?

Hi! I am very new to fiverr and I have a issue with a buyer im not sure how to handle.
The buyer bought a gig, I delivered it, buyer asked for revision, i did that, buyer said all looked good, paid, left 5 stars.
Then 3 days later buyer messages me asking me to revise part of my blog which has nothing to do with their order. They had a banner placed on my site, but I wrote a blog to explain the product/technology for my readers to better understand what buyers product was. Buyer didnt pay for any of this.
I use grammarly premium so I know spelling and grammar is perfect. I even had a few people look it over personally. All agreed its perfectly written.
But buyer wants me to change words and spelling (he says spelling is wrong but if i change the words he wants spelling will be wrong and make me look very silly). I tried politely to explain the spelling was correct but buyer demands i change it.
What do i do here?
Thank you in advance!


I sometimes get clients who believe I’ve made a mistake. Regardless of my studies, track record or experience, seen from the clients’ point of view it’s the word of a stranger who advertises his services on a site called “Fiverr” against theirs.

In order to settle this issue, I politely give them an explanation of why they are wrong in each case, but most importantly, I point them to a few RELIABLE sources on the internet that show the word/expression being used. By reliable I mean it has to, at the very least, be written by a native speaker of the language in question.
If the word/expression is correct, it probably has hundreds of thousands -or even millions- of hits on Google, and I use that number to my advantage as well (use quotation marks when searching!). E.g.:

Hi, client! You tell me that my use of the word ‘headache’ is incorrect, and that I should use ‘headhurt’ instead. If you make a google search for “i have a headache” you get 5,000,000 results, whereas if you search for “i have a headhurt” you get 2 results.

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slightly OT and just a joke

Good point and makes sense - just for the sake of illustrating why a buyer perusing Google search to find out whether their grammar is right on or not might not always be convinced that easily…

I recently tried this search to see what would happen - ‘if there are so many entries it can´t be wrong’ (also, since ‘would of’ is a newer phenomenon and already is this common, it probably will make up more ground still… and even might become the new correct some day :eyes: :wink: )

ca. 831.000.000 results (0,50 seconds) “would have”

ca. 113.000.000 results (0,45 seconds) “would of”

Yeah, well, but to the general question - if the buyer didn´t pay for it but never asked for it being done and you did it without asking them if they even want that, I feel that you have a responsibility. Of course, you have a responsibility for your own site too and should not have wrong spelling and grammar on there if you know better.

Since the buyer only paid for the banner, if I got you right, I´d try to steam the text down so much and in a way that it only contains things, i. e. spelling and grammar, which your buyer and you both are fine with and offer him the choice between that and taking the text down if he doesn´t like it in spite of your explanations/proof (don´t explain, prove it with reliable references, as diegow suggested; preferably use reliable dictionary and grammar references as better sources than even random native speakers posting on the internet or ‘a few people I personally know said’).

Lastly, just for the record, grammarly is a pretty nice tool but it´s not perfect.

The buyer is not always right, no matter what some people here say :wink: , so if you know you are right, don´t budge on facts but stay polite of course and don´t make it sound reproachful or anything, but you know that.

If the buyer won´t be convinced by your best efforts, well, again, the best suggestion I can come up with is offering him a text version without any bones of contention or to take the text down (since he didn´t buy text space plus text from you in the first place; maybe you can throw in a small bonus to make that sound less abrasive and end it cordially, like having his banner for an extra few days if he paid for a limited time, or something like that).

Good luck, either way, such things are always tricky. :four_leaf_clover:

For the record, I did say “I use that number to my advantage.” Which means that if the number does not work to my advantage (as in the case I mentioned, millions vs. two), I don’t use Google hits as proof. In other words, it CAN prove someone wrong; just not in every case. Trying to explain to someone why you shouldn’t use “irregardless” in your thesis using this method may cause skull fractures due to acute facepalming.

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Wasn´t meant as a critic of your point but a joke about ‘would of’, I guess I should of :wink: made that clearer, my point was what comes below the line. I´ll edit that.

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