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What is Nudge button?

Hi to all,
I have recieved one order. Got notification about that. But when i clicked on this. Showing nudge button and no information from client. Should I click on this button? or send the message to client to provide me details of project.
Help me to get out this.


He will send the infos when he’s ready, the button when clicked sends a messages to ask the seller for the infos, i hate that button trying to be funny -_-

Yes you should, give the person a bit to complete the order. The Nudge is there so you can let them know the order has not started and is still waiting for information from them.

yes, just click nudge button
nudge button is instruction for your client to submit additional information
maybe you can sent this link to your client to make them understand

Nudge Button Showup means Buyer Placed order but he/she not provide information about order yet. so you can click on Nudge Button Or you can send request to provide information then you can start work !! Thanks

This is interesting, as this is the first time I’m hearing of this feature.

It’s there to remind the buyer to submit the requirements, but I suggest you send a message yourself instead of using the nudge button to create a generic one. The text that comes out of it is actually quite pushy. Otherwise, just leave it - the buyer will be nudged by Fiverr multiple times anyway.

Thanks for the information…I have Clicked on Nudge Button and got Details from Client.