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I’m interested to know about what is NUDGE BUYER?
Please tell me more about this 'Button’


A nudge is basically just a quick way to remind the buyer. clicking the button adds the following message to the buyer on the order page “NUDGE NUDGE! Any news about the stuff I need for your order? If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.”


I don’t really get the point of that.


The nudge button shows when buyer is yet to complete their order information. It is therefore a gentle reminder.


Personally, I don’t find the reminder to be too polite. I could do without the “nudge nudge!” Instead I just write them a message.


Reply to @timelyservices: Agreed, Absolutely correct


Nice one there by fiverr


Have they removed the “Nudge Nudge” from the message?


No. I sometimes think of making an auto response that reads the same but with “wink wink!” added just to spice it up a bit tho.

But that would be inappropriate.


Say no more, say no more!


And we certainly don’t want to be that!


l normally don’t use that button. Instead, l send a message to the buyer and tell them to write anything on the order page that is if they had provided all the instructions in our conversation


To push against gently, especially in order to gain attention or give a signal…


No, it’s just a a crap thing to one-click a response from the seller.

Hang on, aren’t you here because your friend got kicked off?

Why are you dishing out the advice of the day?



Nudge is like the poke. Push or remind someone gently. Clicking that button is, you are going to poke that buyer about starting tge order with putting instructions.


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