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What is 'number of speakers' in the fiverr gig packages?

I need help to understand that please. Thank you i advance.

We don’t know what gig category you’re referring to, so how can we answer this?

translations/transcriptions. Also ‘minutes included’ is another option that puts me on doubt.

It’s self-explanatory. Minutes refers to the length of the time of the item you are transcribing.

Number of speakers refers to how many people are speaking in the media you would be transcribing.

Another reason this is self-explanatory is because the length of time and the number of speakers is obviously information that plays a role in your pricing because it determines the time, resources and skill required of the transcriber.

If you don’t see this, why are you even considering offering transcription? Your English also isn’t strong enough to offer this service.

I ate a word there, sorry.