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What is Order completion?

I cancelled my 2nd order. Because client’s request. How to group it? And what is this ‘next evolution’ what i do for this?


Just complete more orders and try to reduce the number of order cancellations (if possible). Your order completion rate will recover.

The day of evaluation is when Fiverr checks for your account’s eligibility to be promoted to a higher level. You don’t have to do anything as such. It is an automated process. To learn more about Fiverr’s level system, you can have a look at this:


Thank you! I have one more question. If i received a modification request is it risk for get more orders?

If you have received a request for revision/modification, try to do your best to satisfy your client (provided the client’s requests are reasonable and do not go against the ToS).

It has no effect on your ability to get more orders in the future.

Good luck! :sunny:

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Thank you! Good luck to you!

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