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What is order dispute?

what is order dispute?

I’m new here and i placed my order but at the end he said he can’t do my job and he gave me and order dispute? can i get my payment back?

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It’s a cancellation request.
And yes, you can get your funds back once you accept the request.

thanks for the reply

Hi! Since you’re new to cancellations/disputes, I’d like to add a bit of information for you.

Refunds from cancellations or disputes are put into your Fiverr account as credit. You can only use credit to buy gigs on Fiverr that are of equal or lesser value than credit in your account. You cannot withdraw your credit into your Paypal or bank. The amount refunded is how much the gig costs – you will not be refunded your processing fee. When ordering gigs with credit, you do not have to pay a processing fee (as the money is already on the site, sort of).

Also, if you are given a refund, you are not entitled to use the work, as it is as if you never made a transaction.

Best of luck here on Fiverr. I hope you find another seller for your work!

My contractor cannot complete his job. It’s a $60 order and I want every penny given back so that I can use someone new on fiverr. Is this possible?