What is our obligation as sellers after a buyer gives a negative review?


Hello All :slight_smile:

So I had a person order a gig from me and was really terrible to work with from the get-go, they didn’t explain what they wanted well and was very condescending with edits, questioning my photoshop skills and the time I spent on the order. I am VERY easy to work with, I offer unlimited reviews, I am a top rated seller and I have been doing graphic design work for 15 years, so anything she request I could have done. I also explained to her that I was willing to continue working with her until she was happy… again (unlimited revisions) in the ebook category this is very rare.

After the 3rd version of her cover from scratch, following her order exactly, she gave me a 1 star and a nasty review.

…3 days later she contacted me and wanted a refund, I talked to Fiverr customer support and they said they “wouldn’t” refund her because she already reviewed it.

Well today 15 days later they refunded her money… which if you look at it is against Fiverr refund policy on multiple levels.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen? What is our obligation to continue working with a customer after they gave us a negative review? I personally don’t like to contact with negative people and she already was a terror to work with…

Just curious to hear if anyone else experienced something like this.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Rob W.


Hey Rob,
I usually try to weed out my buyers, hence I stated in clear bold warnings :warning: that pre-consultation is needed prior to ordering my gigs.

I did land a VERY similar client like yours, who not only argued with me but also questioned my ability to comprehend English! (lol)

Long story short, it was a web development project, I had her order with a custom order where I stated, my ability to perform the tasks would completely depend upon the allowance by the CMS platform she is using (which was a very unique one, and I already did research to find its limitations). She started fine, but then went absolutely bonkers.

I did about 25% of the project, but seeing how she was being, I just sent her a mutual cancellation and told her to keep the work done already. She went further ballistic, and total cray cray on me. But finally accepted the cancellation.

So these days, I am ultra cautious on who I take orders with, and I rather have loss of potential sale, than a gain in a guaranteed disaster.

Are you referring to a client whose work was with divinity?


Did customer service refund it or was it a Paypal chargeback? I don’t see any one star reviews for you except for a few months back one was marked failed to deliver.


No, they issued a refund for sure, Fiverr did take the negative review off, but that is all they did, I basically just lost the time I spent on the order. But I guess my question is, what is stopping someone from ordering saying they dislike everything, giving a 1 start review… competing the order, then downloading everything… using it and then getting a refund from Fiverr.

I was told by the main person who helps me most of the time with issues is the money wouldn’t be refunded. As far as I am concerned if you the customer complete the order and give a 1 star review and are super rude, why should I be forced to come up with a solution after they completed the order? Specially when I was 100% nice and willing to work with her while the order was going.

Just doesn’t seem right to me and its pretty frustrating, because I spend a lot of time on orders and I try to make exactly what the customer wants, my reviews are very important to me, but not as much as wasting my time and getting nothing in return, while the customer gets, 3 free covers, money back, no negative review for her, while I wasted my time completely.


It’s a big problem. It happens a lot according to what I read here.
Be happy they took the 1 star review off at least since some are stuck with that too on top of everything else.

I’m really surprised they gave a her refund as I’ve never heard of that.


I mean honestly I don’t want to cause that big of a stink, because at the end of the day $25 bucks isn’t that much money, it’s more about my time lost and then multiply that by dealing with the terrible person that I had to work with.

Also the fact that I preemptively contacted Fiverr about this because of my concerns and I was told directly by them that I quote “The order is a done deal” and “it is completely up to you” if I wanted to deal with her again… and “Fiverr will not cancel it on our end” then 2 other Fiverr reps tell me completely different things. One of the reps replied on the same string that “Your buyer seems pretty concerned about the status of their order”… You mean the ordered they completed, gave me 1 star and nasty feedback…? lol The status should be simple to figure out, the order is done.

:confused: I work full time on Fiverr and I love the website and 99.9% of people I meet on here, but I also love consistency with policies and what I am told by Fiverr support.


Man, yes… I have been there 100% a few times. I try to prescreen everyone I work with, I don’t go so far as the pre-consultation (might think about that) but with book covers I seem to get a pretty good group of people I would say 1-50ish are bad apples, and a few I can sorta screen out from just chatting with them if they message me directly.

I also most likely would have canceled her order if she asked me after the first cover I did, but I wanted to get it right so I did 2 more versions, she never once asked me to cancel while I was working on her order, she only asked 3 days after she gave me a negative review and at that point I was done with wanting to contact her because of the nasty review and her over all terrible attitude.


Yeah I agree, there are a ton more good buyers than bad. The frustrating part as a top rated seller though is I feel like a negative review by me would mean a lot more, so for me it’s worth it to give her a bad review and take the hit because her bad review on me will not hurt as much as my bad review on her, but if she can just get out of it all together, get her money back, wipe the reviews… the in the future when she is terrible again, nobody will know to watch out for her.


She must have complained bitterly to get a refund from them. Sorry this happened to you!


yeah, I figure, she was really… really bad to work with. From the very beginning she completed and was super rude. The at the end she said she was vast knowledge of photoshop and could have done a better job… lol Which why are you ordered a cover on Fiverr if you can do it yourself… hmm…


She’s probably gonna use it. And saved herself $25 too!


Yep, that is the crappy part, she got 3 completely different covers, 3 3D mock ups and 3 photoshop files.


I wish I could see what she got so I could see if she is completely being a jerk or not. I just am amazed cs refunded her money.


Don’t worry karma will come to bite her… and you know the rest! :wink:


@misscrystal is right that this is a really weird situation as described. Is the buyer’s account still active? Fiverr rarely refunds buyers who choose to complete the order and have received a delivery and left a review. Under current policy, Fiverr usually leaves the seller to keep the money and the buyer review stays whether it is good or bad. That alone is enough to make this unusual, but for a refund to be given 15 days later is pretty much unheard of now unless it was a chargeback. I know you said you were sure it wasn’t a chargeback, but if not that, I’d suspect some other rare issue.

Perhaps Fiverr got a notice from the credit card company saying the card was flagged for possible fraud or something. They wouldn’t be able to tell you that if it was true, so there is no way to know that. I think what you experienced is so unusual that the best thing to do is be glad they removed the review and move on.

It is doubtful you would run into something as you described it on any kind of regular basis. Fiverr has become more and more serious about not allowing buyers to cancel through Customer Support after the review is up, so I doubt you’ll run into this again except for chargebacks. if you are careful to keep orders from new buyers low and have them start with a cheap consultation or a small 1st step, you can protect yourself from chargebacks to a certain degree.

As far as this - [quote=“cal5086, post:1, topic:102936”]
What is our obligation to continue working with a customer after they gave us a negative review?

You normally have pretty much zero obligation to a buyer after an order is marked complete and a review is left. The exceptions would be as stated - chargebacks, fraudulent purchases by the buyer or some other oddities like a buyer providing proof to Fiverr that a delivery was not original or that the seller was abusive. I’m editing this to say, though, offering unlimited revisions makes it a lot harder to tell the buyer that you are done, period. I would seriously change that to a limited number of revisions. Offer several if you are new and building rep, but never unlimited.


Few months before i got road accident and injured badly … next two three month i was totally away from fiverr…
when come back with good health … found alot of order canceled and 1 star review which put me rating 70% … i sent message to buyers but most of them didn’t reply me… few agree but no option to remove or edit review… any suggestion welcome as all money already refunded as order cancelled