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What is "Pending Clearance"?

Hi Fiverr

I have finised my 4 orders but I can’t money to withdraw and my money is in “Pending Clearance” status.

What it the meaning of that?

There is a 14 day waiting period to receive your money. After 14 days you’ll be able to withdrawal it.


14 days waiting period for new sellers and level 1,2 sellers
and for top rated seller it’s 7 days revenue pending clearance period

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Hello discover_india,
When you delivery your work and buyer make it complete or if buyer isn’t response after 3 days of delivery your order will automatic complete. Than fiverr take 14 days to give your share in your account. It’s called “Pending Clearance”.
For top rated seller it takes 7 days. :slight_smile:
Thank you.


Thanks for informative answer.

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