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What is Pro gig all about?

Honestly I have had not much interest in Pro gigs because of various reasons. First because it was not in my gig category and second because I honestly don’t believe someone will pay you $6000 for a gig in Fiverr (no matter how skilled you are).
However, I noticed that my category has now been featured and out of curiosity I wanted to know more about this!
As far as I am concerned, I have seen those who have pro gigs just go way over the roof top and price some insane prices for a place like Fiverr; honestly you have other gigs where you are offering services starting from $100 and then out of no where you offer your pro gig at $8000, is that normal?
That said, I noticed there’s no much information about this new feature here in the forum and so decided to start this conversation.
So some of the important questions I have are:
How do you apply for this pro gig? Why would one want to apply for this? And how do those with pro gig justify there very very high prices? Also why would Fiverr bring such a feature and they fail to market these people because they are doing fairly bad at the moment, just take your time and check if any of them has gotten any order under that gig?


There’s actually been a ton of conversation/information on this in the forums, especially from when it just started up. Fiverr has actually been featuring them very prominently on the homepage, but even so some of them have gotten orders and others haven’t.

I believe the high prices are justified by them having “outside freelancing experience” (again, a controversial term.) Fiverr has always been somewhat known for being a “cheap” place, and the word was that they’re trying to turn things around with Fiverr Pro by making it seem more professional.

The whole Pro thing (and the debate surrounding it) has been around for quite a while already, I actually hadn’t seen a post about it in quite a while. Welcoming back more discussion about it, I suppose?


As I mentioned at the start I was never interested at the start because it wasn’t in my category so I must have missed that chance, either way I searched for pro gig topics and all I got were questions about how long it takes to get response to application. I never got discussion on other important factors.

This big thread is the one I remember seeing around a lot that had a bunch of discussion on Pro stuff. There were some smaller ones, but I’m too lazy to dig those out :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, paulmaplesden in the forum is a Pro seller, and a lot of his posts are pertinent to being a Pro seller.


Fiverr are looking away from the low value sellers (and buyers) towards a future where they can take a 20% cut of $8,000 rather than of $5.

Time will tell whether it will work!

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right here:

that’s for everyone to decide for themselves. no one can say that for you. and no one is forcing you to either.

Most of them offer higher quality content or a higher level of customer service, or a combination of the two.

I just completed my 3rd order, and I am one of those $8.000 you mentioned earlier.


Hi there, so Frank_D and I are both prominent Pro sellers who regularly interact here on the forum. Frank has already given you some good advice, so let me add some other links:

Hope this helps!


all services are equal so Fiverr should not discriminate between services and Fiverr pro feature should be available for all services .

Hi Nikita, I´m sure with so many published and translated books, one of them debuting at No. 5 at Hindustan Times Bestseller list, you´ll be accepted in the Fiverr Pro program in no time. They´ll be overjoyed to have you on their Pro list. You can apply here: