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What is proper response when buyer asked to contact via number?

Hi There! How are you all. Hope all good.

I need a suggestion that what is the proper answer when buyer placed his mobile number and tell to contact with him?

Now there are several way to response.

  1. Just say I am sorry. I cannot contact. We can work here

  2. Fiverr never allow to share personal info.

  3. Spam the message…

  4. Report the message.

  5. Asked the CS what to do(but as pandemic the reply may delay)

NB: Suggest the best method.

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Just say “Fiverr doesn’t allow the exchange of contact information” and that you are happy to “discuss the order here”.


I personally would tell the person that I am not interested and then block the buyer.

Anyone who asks you for your number is bad news. They either have no regard for rules (either didn’t read them or doesn’t care if the seller gets busted for breaking them) or they are trying to scam you. None of these is a good situation to work in.

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I thinks its good to do. Usually regular buyer never ask or give their personal info. Some new buyer just create the account and do this unprofessional things.